The June Tolliver House, Big Stone Gap, VA



Volunteers are the heart of our organization and their support plays a major role in the success of the organization. We have found that each volunteer brings a unique personality that creates an inviting atmosphere for both visitors and working colleagues. They also help us to engage the members of our community in exciting and enriching ways.


From gift shop hosts and docent tours to the design and maintenance of our website, we rely on volunteers to successfully run the diverse programs of the Tolliver House as well as its Folk Art Center.

Our group of volunteers include a warm and varied community of men and women, young and old, who share a commitment to promote understanding and appreciation of Southwest Virginia's ethnic and cultural diversity through the preservation and sharing of the Southwest Virginia experience.

We would like to extend a personal invitation to you to step into this worthwhile tradition of service. As you do so I believe that you will gain an even greater appreciation for your community as it exists within the broader tapestry of cultures and peoples that make up our nation. If you have an interest, our address is on our Contact Us page. After we hear from you, we'll contact you as soon as possible. If you have specific questions, and would like one of us to give you a call, please feel free to communicate with us either by mail, e-mail or phone.  A special thank you for your interest in the June Tolliuver House and Folk Art Center in Big Stone Gap, Virginia!